Community News, March 2022

Our Lady of Mercy Lay Carmelites

Community and Regional News — March 2022

  • Carmel’s Call Revisions. Carmel’s Call Twelfth Edition has been revised. Section 1 is now available. Copies will be ordered and provided to all members of our community.
  • Pray with Other Carmelites Online. Carmelites of the Province of the Most Pure Heart of Mary (PCM) established — a daily interactive Carmelite hub. Please visit to pray with other Carmelites the Liturgy of the Hours, Stations of the Cross, the Rosary and other prayers.
  • Member Info. We pray for Vicky who is now a member of St. John of God Carmelite Community in southern California. May Our Lady of Mt. Carmel continue to guide her on her to deepen her Carmelite vocation.
  • April Community Meeting. There will be no Community meeting in April. Have a blessed and fruitful Holy Week and a Happy Easter.


Next Meeting — May 15, 2022

May Community Meeting: May 15, 2022 in the Fireside Room, from 2:00-5:00 p.m.

May Ongoing Formation Homework

  • Into Your Hands Father, Abandoning Ourselves to the God Who Loves Us: Being God’s Instrument, Section 1, pages 77-80
  • Study questions: Study Guide, page 19, questions 1-3.

May Lectio Divina

Lectio Divina for May 18TH community meeting is the gospel reading for Sunday: John 13:12:31-33a, 34-35.

Prayer Intentions

Please pray for all Carmelites, especially:

  • Our members who are ill
  • All Carmelites who are isolates
  • Our deceased members

More Information

  • Monthly Community Meeting
    Lectio Divina, dates, and locations for all meetings
  • Ongoing Formation
    Information about our current required reading and homework for each month of this year’s ongoing formation classes
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