Fr. Gabriel of St. Mary Magdalene

Fr. Gabriel of St. Mary Magdalene Quotes from Gabriel of St. Mary Magdalene

“O Lord, ... pursue me with Your grace until I give myself entirely to you.” [3:Colloquy]

“It is not sufficient to love souls in the secret of our heart, working and sacrificing ourselves for them; this love must also be manifested exteriorly by an aggreeable and pleasant manner, in such a way that those who approach us may feel themselves loved.” [335:1]

“Every apostle should be convinced that precisely in his own field of labor — and nowhere else — will he find all the graces necessary to sanctify himself, to attain intimate union with God.” [331:1]

“Suffering is absolutely necessary to purify us from sin, to atone for our faults, and to prepare us to meet God.” [291:2]

“We should return often, at least in spirit, to the tabernacle to keep ourselves in contact with the Eucharist.” [218:2]

“God is the only reality.” [310:2]

“Even if we seem to have used up all our strength, if we feel unable to do anything and see ourselves always prostrate, powerless to rise, there is still one possibility for us; to humble ourselves. Let us humble ourselves sincerely and with confidence; and humility will supply for all our miseries; it will heal all our wounds because it will attract divine mercy to them.” [109:2]

“Mercy is love bending over misery to relieve it, to redeem it, to raise it up to itself.” [236:1]

“God’s mercy is so immense that no misery, however great, can exhaust it.” [236:1]